Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    3d numerical modeling of flow structure in a vortex settling basin            0000-00-00
2    Evaluation of temporal and spatial agricultutal dry spells in North-Eastern of Iran            0000-00-00
3    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Eevapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SEBAL” for Neishaboor Plain            0000-00-00
4    Effect investigation of Nitrogen fertilizer on yield quantity of peanuts            0000-00-00
5    Initial assessment of cloud and aerosol discrimination over the eastern regions of Iran using CALIPSO satellite data            0000-00-00
6    The assessment of dynamical and statistical downscaled models capabilities for monitoring and predicting precipitation patterns in cold seasons            0000-00-00
7    Assessment of climate change on kashafrood River Baisin's discharge over past and future periods under CMIP5 model            0000-00-00
8    Monitoring of Root-zone Soil Moisture Based on the MSMAR Analytical Model and Satellite Products (Case Study: Khorasan-Razavi Province)            0000-00-00
9    The Temporal-Spatial precipitation estimation and assessment to evaluate wheat rain-fed productivity : PERSIANN model and fuzzy logic (Case study: A part of northeast of IRAN)    Ph.D    Ghazanfari, Sadegh    2010-05-15
10    Study of Irrigation Supply Impacts on Water Resources of Neyshabour Plane    M.Sc.    kermanshahi, somayyeh    2010-11-06
11    Simulation and downscaling of extreme weather events by Statistical Downscaling Model (A Case Study: Kashaf Rood Watershed)    M.Sc.    Kouhi, Mansoureh    2011-07-23
12    Lake and Reservoir Evaporation: A new Approach Development and Application Based on Energy Balance Model and Remote Sensing Data    Ph.D    majidi khalil abad, maysam    2011-11-12
13    Comparison of EPM and CSY Models in Estimating the Erosion of Watersheds- (Case study: SHIRIN-DARREH basin)    M.Sc.    FARIDANI BARDASKAN, FARID    2011-12-01
14    SCS-CN model is used in a large watersheds and provide corrective coefficients (Case study: part of the watershed Maharlu - Bakhtegan)    M.Sc.    dolat abadi, narges khaton    2011-12-31
15    Using GMS to simulate the groundwater flow in an Urban region (Case Study: Bojnord)    M.Sc.    jafari, zobeyde    2012-01-28
16    aggregate water resource management of Mashhad Plain(Chanaran) using WEAP model    M.Sc.    aghaei, somayeh    2012-01-28
17    Efficiency and accuracy in the estimation of daily monthly and quarterly rainfall data from TRMM-3B42 V6, in Khorasan razavi    M.Sc.    akbari yenge ghale, mostafa    2012-03-03
18    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Evapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SEBAL” for Neyshabor Plain    M.Sc.    yavari, mahdi    2012-06-16
19    Ground measurement for the validation of land surface temperature derived from MODIS over different land covers    M.Sc.    KAFFASH, MORTEZA    2012-06-16
20    Assess the impact of changes in supply and demand on water resources management, modeling vensim using river basin Atrac    M.Sc.    kumasizade, zohre    2012-06-16
21    Study of Effects of wet and dry periods on several important water quality parameters    M.Sc.    dehghani, zeynab    2012-10-27
22    The quantifying of groundwater model of Quchan plain using GMS software model.    M.Sc.    mazadeh, yahya    2012-11-17
23    Spatial Analysis of air temperature using MODIS land surface temperature data over North East of Iran    M.Sc.    Janatian Ghadikolaei, Nasime    2012-12-01
24    Evaluating of irrigation management strategies in Maize crop water productivity using CERES-Maize and Aquacrop models.    M.Sc.    Yousefi, Zeinab    2012-12-22
25    The Optimization of Multi reservoir Water Resources System Operations Using Multi-objective PSO Algorithm (Case study: Ostoor & Pirtaghi reservoir in Ghezel Ozan Watershed)    M.Sc.    HOJJATI, ALI    2013-01-26
26    The Comparison & Assessment of Genetic and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Optimization of Water Distribution Network ( Case Study: Jangal City Water Distribution Network)    M.Sc.    Moghaddam, Alireza    2013-02-03
27    Determination of water economic value in agricultural sector in order to promote optimization of factors effect on agricultural production regarding to water economic value .Case study: agricultural production in eastern Mazandaran    M.Sc.    mohammadazari, sahar    2013-03-02
28    Development of semi-arid and dry climates where the different scenarios of changes in temperature, precipitation and evapotranspiration in Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    shirdel, fahime sadat    2013-07-02
29    Drought analysis with synthesis index (SDI) and TRMM data inRazaviKhorasan province    M.Sc.    Salimi fard, Mozhdeh    2013-09-14
30    Review and assessment of sediment in rivers by using Hec- Ras model Case Study on chalous river)    M.Sc.    Faraji Tabar, Meisam    2013-11-02
31    Comparing SEBAL and S-SEBI algorithms for estimation of the evapotranspiration in Neishabovr plain using the MODIS satellite imagery.    M.Sc.    Azad, Mohammad Reza    2013-11-09
32    The Optimization of Multi reservoir Water Resources System Operations Using Multi-Objective Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (MOICA) (Case study: Ostoor & Pirtaghi reservoir in Ghezel Ozan Watershed)    M.Sc.    ahmadian, mohamadreza    2013-11-09
33    Automatic calibration of the hydrological model HEC-HMS sensitive parameters using Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (PSO)) Case Study: Dam catchment Kardh(    M.Sc.    garmeh, reza    2013-12-28
34    The study of climate and land use change scenarios combination effects on surface flows    Ph.D    Houshmand Kouchi, delaram    2014-01-27
35    The simulation of snowmelt runoff using SRM model Satellite data and MODIS (Case study: Simineh river basin in Urmia)    M.Sc.    goudarzi, shirin    2014-03-08
36    Two-Dimensional simulation of stream flow from intense rainfall (Case Study: Atrack River)    M.Sc.    Madani, Sayyed Hamid Reza    2014-03-08
37    Effect Investigation of Irrigation Management and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield Quality and Quantity of Peanuts (Arachis hypogea L) (Model and field experiment    Ph.D    Ghannadzadeh, Mohammad Ali    2014-03-12
38    The Evaluating of the possibility of replacing Cprecip parameter with SWE using Artifical Nerual Networks(ANNs) in order to predicting daily river flow discharge (Case Study : Talar River in Mazandaran province)    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADI, ZEINAB    2014-04-26
39    Assessment of the Climate Change Impacts on Runoff in Balkhi Chaei Watershed Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and PRECIS Model    M.Sc.    Farzbod, Amirhossein    2014-05-11
40    Estimation of actual evapotranspiration and crop coefficient for maize using remote sensing data    Ph.D    Kamali, Mohammad Ismaeil    2014-06-15
41    The Study of the Effluent Quality Enhancement from Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant by a Natural Process Using Horizontal Roughing Filter (HRF) Unit    Ph.D    Daee, Majid    2014-06-22
42    Estimation of surface soil moisture from passive microwave remote sensing data using Land Parameter Retrieval Method (LPRM) and relating that to the root zone moisture based on Soil Moisture Analytical Relationship (SMAR)    Ph.D    FARIDANI BARDASKAN, FARID    2014-06-23
43    Satellite Image Based Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration Using the SEBS Algorithm (Case Study: Neshabour Plain)    M.Sc.    Paridad, Parivash    2014-08-25
44    Assessment of Nitrate Leaching under Barley and Corn Silage Production using Municipal Treated Wastewater    Ph.D    mohamad, taheri    2014-09-06
45    Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drinking water supply of Mashhad with consideration of uncertainties.    Ph.D    tabatabaee, seyedalireza    2014-09-13
46    Canopy cover percentage and irrigation water requirement of wheat crop in Mashhad plain    Ph.D    Asadi, Sara    2014-12-28
47    Satellite precipitation data Merra,GPM and Rain-gauge stations evaluation and application for rainfall-runoff Modeling SWAT model in Kardeh    Ph.D    Alibakhshi, seyede maryam    2015-01-20
48    CALIPSO Cloud and Aerosol Discrimination (CAD)    M.Sc.    Zahedi Asl, Sina    2015-02-18
49    The estimation of Curve Number (CN) using the information of landsat data sets (Landsat and IRS-LISS),(case study: kardeh basin)    M.Sc.    masoodi, masood    2015-04-18
50    Evaluation of Filtration and Interpolation Digital Terrain Modeling Using Lidar Data    M.Sc.    ghalichi, mehran    2015-05-24
51    Evaluation of regression , polynomial and RF methods for forest physical structures using airborn LIDAR    M.Sc.    shahalami nezhad, seyed morteza    2015-05-24
52    The use of satellites rainfall data and rainfall estimation remote sensing models for runoff estimation and evaluation of Rainfall-runoff model sensitivity to precipitation data with different resolution    Ph.D    zangeneh, Mohammadreza    2015-06-24
53    Rainfall Runoff HBV Model Development on Daily Basis    M.Sc.    zeinallangroudi, hamidreza    2015-09-21
54    Drought monitoring using Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index(TVDI) from MODIS satellite images on a regional scale (Case study:Northern khorasan Province)    M.Sc.    shamloo, nazila    2016-04-23
55    The Assessment of Hydrologic Impact of Climate Change on Kashafrood River Basin with RegCM- and HEC- HMS Models    M.Sc.    Hosseini, S.Fateme    2016-04-30
56    Effect of Drought on Surface Water and Groundwater Resources of Jiroft plain    M.Sc.    nezhadmoghbeli, nasibeh    2016-06-06
57    Joint Use of Rainfall Ground Station Data with TRMM Data to Generate Rainfall IDF Estimates in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    rahimi sebdani, javad    2016-06-11
58    Assessment of the relationship between groundwater drought with meteorological drought, according to SPI, SPEI and RDI indices in Mashhad plain    M.Sc.    viseyazdi, somaye    2016-06-11
59    Evaluation effect using of sewage sludge in comparison with chemical and manure fertilizers on forage Corn and some soil properties in irrigation with normal water and waste water (Case Study ALTEIMOOR treatment of Mashhad).    Ph.D    tafazzoli, seyed mohammad    2016-06-11
60    River flood plain modeling software to determine areas of vulnerability and provide solutions Case Study: Ferizi Rivers    M.Sc.    ghahremani, fateme    2016-09-26
61    Adjastment crop coefficients of Landscape using Landsat Satellite images and SEBAL Algorithm (Case Study: Mashhad City)    Ph.D    misaghi, ali    2016-12-19
62    Evaluation of the effect of using urban wastewater on the germination and growth seedlings of fruitless trees (Case study of ash in the wastewater refinery of Mashhad-parkand abad 1)    Ph.D    parsa, pooya    2016-12-31
63    Optimization of Energy Consumption at Pumping Stations of Urban Water Distribution Networks Using Darwin Scheduler Model    M.Sc.    karami, javad    2017-01-14
64    The Trend of Changes in Snow Cover and Simulating Snow Melt Runoff Using The SRM model and Investigating The Impacts of Climate Change In The Karde Basin    M.Sc.    Hosseinzadh, Mahdi    2017-01-28
65    Assessment of the ability of gridded cltaset for plotting IDF curves in the design of aquatic structures    M.Sc.    pezeshki, atena    2017-02-18
66    Improved algorithm ETLook to estimate actual evapotranspiration using remote sensing data and soil moisture monitoring    Ph.D    farokhi, maedeh    2017-02-21
67    Exploring the possibility estimate maize production using satellite data and imulation models compared to field measurements    Ph.D    Amini bazyani, Samira    2017-03-01
68    Estimation of root zone soil moisture using passive microwave remote sensing data and SMAR model ( Case study : Neyshabour plain)    M.Sc.    Gheybi, Fatemeh    2017-04-29
69    Assessing Agricultural Development Effects on Desertification (Case Study: Dargaz Township in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran)    M.Sc.    nasrian, azin    2017-05-13
70    Comparison of SRM and HEC-HMS models efficiency for snowmelt runoff simulation (Case Study: Sarab Zayanderud basin)    M.Sc.    Amiri, Samaneh    2017-07-01
71    Estimate Of Wheat Crop Yield By Using LANDSAT-8 & SENTINEL-2 Satellite Imagery (Case Study:Mashhad plain-Wheat fields Astan Quds Razavi)    M.Sc.    razban, arash    2017-07-01
72    Assessing the impacts of climate change on the snowpack and surface runoff ( Case study: HezarMasjed Basin)    Ph.D    Shahraki mojahed, Reza    2017-09-20
73    Runoff reaction assessment to land use change in riverbed(A case study on ARDAK River)    Ph.D    mirghasemi, seyedhamid    2017-10-22
74    Monitoring and estimating runoff and sediment using SWAT model and its prediction using GCM models in northeast areas of the country    M.Sc.    kamel fard, mahsa    2017-12-23
75    The statistical comparison of rainfall data of IMERG at level three of GPM and 3B42V7 satellites, from TRMM data set with rain recorded at ground stations.    M.Sc.    مشایخی مزار, mina    2017-12-30
76    Analysis of the Challenges of Levee's Destruction Under the Intense Rainfall by 2D Modeling (Case Study: Atrack River)    M.Sc.    Saadatfar, Aliakbar    2018-04-11
77    Assessing hydrological drought using Composite Drought Index (CDI); CS.: Zarrin Gol Watershed, Golestan province, Iran    M.Sc.    ashouri mendi, reza    2018-04-21